T.A.V.E.R.N. Health and Wellness

Meeting clients where they are and empowering them to continue the journey

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We provide essentials for a healthy body, both internally and externally, using therapeutic wellness, healthy eating, and physical exercise.

Mental Health


According to a 2018 status report from Missouri Department of Mental Health, an estimated 828,00 adults in Missouri experienced &/or struggled with mental illness in the past year. This number included 127,000 young adults & 702,000 adults over 25.

Fitness/Nutrition Coaching


According to a statistical report on obesity from 2017, Missouri has the 17th highest adult obesity rate in the nation and the 32nd highest for youth ages 10-17. Missouri is not alone in its battle with obesity.

Specialized Care


Anger Management, Anxiety, Behavioral Issues, Crisis Management, Depression,
Military Counseling/Culture, PTSD/Trauma, Stress Management

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