Fitness/Nutrition Coaching

According to a statistical report on obesity from 2017, Missouri has the 17th highest adult obesity rate in the nation and the 32nd highest for youth ages 10-17.  Missouri is not alone in its battle with obesity.

As a result of nationwide struggles, the wellness industry has gained prominence over the past decade and people are beginning to see the need for investing in a wellness plan on a continuous basis.  Studies show that those who engage in a fitness/wellness routine are more likely to have increased productive at work compared to their counterparts who did not, more engaged with their families and are overall healthier and happier individuals.

Nutrition consultations, sessions, and guidance are delivered by a Registered Dietitian to aid clients with their physical health around nutrition and mental health as it pertains to the food-mood connection.
Physical training, guidance and sessions pare also available.

Clients will have the option to receive an overall meal plan recommendation based on height, weight, and desired outcomes.  In addition to meal planning, clients can schedule one on one shopping trips to learn better shopping habits and what to look for on nutrition labels

Treatment Focused Concerns

  • Mental Health
  • Anxiety/Stress Management
  • Depression
  • PTSD/Trauma

Client Focus


  • 18 – 65 years old


  • Active Duty Military/Veterans
  • First Responders
  • Community Members